Night Seizures or Spasms

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Our Indy woke up this morning around 3 AM with what appeared to be small seizures or spasms. The best way I could describe it is that his movement was similar to a hiccup. In which case, he would respond with a fast-motion change in direction. Meaning, if he was walking right, he would "hiccup" and turn left.
The movements woke him up, which made him get up, walk on our faces, and then wake us up. His little face showed a great deal of conern (ears back) and we were scared to death. We held and comforted him and it stopped. After he fell asleep in our arms, it started slowly again, but didn't last long. All told, the spell ran about an hour.
I monitored his eyes, because epilepsy is characterized by rapid eye blinking, eye movements, or similar. However, his eyes were perfectly normal. I wouldn't think it was seizure because the spell was too long and his eyes remained normal.
I called the vet and they think it may be that he was needing to vomit. I was worried that he may have eated a snail killed by the snail bait. Although unlikely, since the snail bait is only in a few pots, the recent rains may have washed a snail down and he ate it.
Anyway, this morning, he is fine.
Of course, he was tired and went to sleep. We, one the other hand, got 3 hours sleep. :(
Does anyone have any ideas? The vet says to watch him and bring him in immediately if he has another spell. Otherwise, we have a non-related appointment a week from Saturday.
Thoughts anyone?
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    Re: Night Seizures or Spasms

    Tue, April 5, 2005 - 10:05 AM
    My Lilly pug had seizures for a few years. The first one was around 4am and woke me up because she was spasming violently and foaming at the mouth. It lasted a couple of minutes and she was very confused for about 15 minutes afterward. Freaked me out so bad.

    The vet wanted us to monitor her before medicating her because some dogs have the occasional seizure and it doesn't affect their quality of life. The medicine (phenobarbital) can cause liver damage, so they only prescribe it for frequent violent seizures. In Lilly's case, she had about 4 or 5 more seizures (mostly between 3am-5am), all very violent, in the next two weeks, and so she went on the meds. I tried to take her off of them unsuccesfully every few months. Finally, I was able to take her off of them a couple of years later and she has not had a violent seizure since then <knock on wood>.

    She does still have some strange eye movements where she will look up and her eyes slightly roll back and she bobs her head up and down as if she is sniffing the air (above her head or to the side) repeatedly. She appears to be stuck in the cycle for a minute or so then she snaps out of it.

    Even if Indy is having seizures, they don't sound that bad, and if they are not frequent (more than 1 or 2 per week) it's probably not worth medicating him for it.
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      Re: Night Seizures or Spasms

      Tue, April 5, 2005 - 10:28 AM
      Hi Charlotte,
      Thank you so much! I feel much better. Indy did not have foam coming out of his mouth. I forgot that was symptom.
      However, it could have been a mild seizure. Least I now know that it wasn't life threatening.
      Thanks again,
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        Re: Night Seizures or Spasms

        Sun, April 10, 2005 - 1:04 PM
        CHEWIE has had three seizures and none of them had any foaming......

        The first one was after he ate chocolate and the vet released him too early. He twisted up and really convulsed. His back bent in an unbelievable way and his eyes bugged out. There was no mistaking the seizure.

        The other two were not as violent and have ocurred years apart. One was due to heat I think, but the vet said there is no way to determine what caused it. Both of those consisted of Chewie putting his head up and really stretching and then falling over sideways and shaking. Again eyes bugged out and bent in a strange position. No foaming.

        In all three seizures, Chewie was very unaware of his surroundings.

        He does get the "hiccup" thing occassionally. It was alarming at first, but he has done it off and on for years and while he seems uncomfortable, it doesn't seem to be anything serious. It seems he does it most when he is need of a walk or just ate something he wasn't supposed too (like a plate of mac n cheese)...His eyes don't glaze over and he can still walk around and recoginoze people...Three separate vets have told me that he was wither hiccupping due to gas build up or dry heaving.

        Having lived with a pug, which had frequent seizures, even a mild seizure is more diconcerting than the hiccups. You can almost see a separation of body and mind (or soul) during even those minor seizures where the dog looks up and twitches his eyes (similar to Charlotte's descriptions)..there is a pattern like Charlotte said, a cycle. The hiccups seem to just be that, hiccups.

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          Re: Night Seizures or Spasms

          Mon, April 11, 2005 - 9:12 AM
          Thanks Kristie!
          Indy woke up again at midnight on Saturday with the same thing. I paid closer attention and pretty much ruled out a seizure. In fact, maybe it is a hiccup and he is afraid of them. Certainly we've never noticed him having hiccups before. Our Emily gets them all the time and hiccups violently. Of course, it doesn't bother her. Nonetheless, I have a vet appointment coming up, so we'll see what he says.
          We did buy these filled hoves and Indy was chewing on one for hours. Guess it wouldn't surprise me if it is dry heaves or hiccups.
          Thanks again,
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            Mon, April 11, 2005 - 7:07 PM
            Do any of your pugs do the snorting thing? Mine does and she has done it twice in the last week I hold her and calm her down but...needless to say it scares the hell out of her.
            Is this common?
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              Re: Night Seizures or Spasms

              Tue, April 12, 2005 - 8:41 AM
              Hi Shelley,
              Yes, very common! And, you are doing the right thing.
              During a spell, I blow into Indy's nose to get him to blow his nose out. Sometimes it works; sometimes not.
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              Tue, April 12, 2005 - 8:45 AM
              Hi Shelley,

              All of my pugs have done this at some point. I have found that left to their own devices, they will work through it on their own, but who the heck wants to let them?! I find that gently massaging the underside of thier neck and chest seems to make us all calmer a bit more quickly.
              My vet told me once that salty food/treats can exacerbate the "reverse sneeze"
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        Sun, April 24, 2005 - 8:25 PM
        Hi everyone,
        Please be careful with the seizures. My Dog Ray had them and we had him on meds eventually. It really helped, although he got a bit lethargic. FYI-He didn't foam at the mouth most of the time. Even with the meds, he had one bad one and died 2 weeks ago. No one was home,and I still feel so horrible about it. I don't mean to scare anyone, but please make sure these are not seizures and if they are he needs medication given EVERYDAY. I worry that my ex (who had custody of Ray) did not keep up the Everday schedule. It is extremly important. I hope your pug is doing well. Pug kisses and hugs,

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